De Colores 4th Day!!!... A small group is the smallest unit in which community is formed. Jesus had a small group of intimate friends that he depended on in difficult times (Mark 14:33). Within a Christian friendship/accountability group, we can nurture faith by talking about our behavior in the other environments and encourage Christian action.  All small groups need to be part of a larger community.  Call a friend or two and start a reunion group. Make a friend. Share with that friend by being a friend. Bring that friend and yourself into a deeper relationship with God. Prayerfully consider sponsoring that friend on a Weekend! 

 If you have any questions or wish to know more about this movement please contact the Secretariat (the governing body).  We are here to pray and serve you
through this amazing ministry called the Via de Cristo! 

God Loves You and So Do We, Steve Kipp, Kim Brownlow, Ginny Henderson, Ron DeMarkle, Terri Snare, Scott Sievers, Steve and Diana Skoog, Paula Meredith, and Paula Meredith – your Secretariat

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